The Newest and Most Promising Energy Technologies

09 Aug

New technology and clean-energy solutions have the potential to offer end-line consumers a superior level of service and options without during greater harm to the environment or natural world. Learning more about the innovation and developments that have the potential to make the biggest impact on the energies market may not be a concern that you can afford to overlook. Educated consumers will be far more likely to capitalize on the latest options, technology and (more…)

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Insulating Your Home Water Heater for Money Savings

01 Jun

With constantly escalating utility bills, you may be on the lookout for ways to save money. One way to lower energy costs is by insulating your hot water heater. Conventional water heaters have a large metal tank full of water which must be kept warm. Since metal is a poor insulator, the heater must cycle on several times a day to maintain the proper water temperature. Adding external insulation helps hold in the heat and cuts gas (more…)

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The Best Windows to Save Home Energy Dollars

22 Mar

Changing the windows in your home can bring in major savings when it comes to electricity and energy bills each month. If you have an older home, chances are good that the windows are simply not up to standards when it comes to energy preservation. When you have drafty windows, the heat or air conditioning in the home is literally going out the window and you will find that you spend more money because you have to use more heat or air conditioning to keep (more…)

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How Hurricanes Could Affect Wind Turbines at Sea

10 Jun

As our economy gradually turns to more renewable sources of energy, wind has become an increasingly important source of energy. Wind turbines at sea can provide us with an incredibly valuable source of energy. However, when mother nature brings about catastrophic events like hurricanes, it is difficult to predict just how wind energy will be affected.

While wind turbines were created to harness the power of wind, they can be damaged by too much of it. Researchers believe that if a hurricane hits our offshore wind turbines, they could (more…)

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Solar Power is the Most Renewable Form of Energy

13 Jun

Experts tell us we have enough oil in the ground to last for about 100 years at the world’s current rate of use. The sun will be around for about 4 billion more years. Hmmm. I wonder which is more renewable?
The sun’s power is nuclear of course—but not he kind of nuclear that can lead to dangerous emissions. Breaking the uranium atom, which is the source of nuclear power plant energy, produces many dangerous radioactive particles; fusion of hydrogen into helium only produces water. And besides, the sun is 93 million miles (more…)

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How to Insulate Your Attic for Energy Savings

01 Jun

With rising energy rates and the price of oil climbing to new records every day, it is more important to insulate around the home now then it was in the past. Anyone that wants to insulate the attic to save energy can take advantage of recent product innovations. Among these recent product advancements is something called a radiant barrier.

Radiant barriers make a great do-it-yourself home project because the materials are affordable and they are easy to install. The only tools that are required are a tape measure, a utility knife, and (more…)

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Can Your New Roof Cut Your Energy Costs?

17 May

New roofs can cut your energy costs if they are made out of energy saving materials. In this day of modern technology, manufacturers have found a way to make roofing materials that do save energy. It is advisable to install a new roof on your house with materials that are labeled Energy Star. This label certifies that the roofing materials that you are using will reflect the sun’s rays from your roof. You will be able to find several different types of roofing materials that carry this label. (more…)

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Check Out Planet Green Television

05 Apr

If you love this earth, like to learn or are home schooling your kids; Planet Green Television is an educational gold mine. For those who want to remember or learn more about the complex nature of our planet, try tuning in with the perspective of helping understand where to focus healing change for our sensitive ecosystems.
Green television has become an amazing tool for the environmental activist. Use the show to learn about intense complexities while crafting information that can help inform businesses such as electric companies about changes affecting the planet. This is a powerful way to contribute to the recovery of some of these most sensitive systems. Ingenious ways to deliver life-changing information necessary for the planets needed recovery are presented by this program and its development staff.
An ideal way to become fascinated, entertained and educated, Planet Green Television is a new wave in approaches to helping ourselves comprehend, organize and make changes in how we operate in our culture. A powerful example, are the links between networked planetary systems such as the magnetosphere showing a direct relationship to species migration on earth. This has lead to a greater monitoring of the Gulf Stream.
Become better informed. Check out Planet Green Television.

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Oil Producing Community Welcomes Ghana

24 Dec

It’s been 3 years since researchers first found oil in the African nation of Ghana, perhaps known best among Americans as the nation that eliminated the United States from 2010 World Cup Competition, however, Ghana could soon become a much more relevant name on the international radar, as December saw the first oil pumped from the nation’s depths. Tullow Oil, a United Kingdom based collective, targets producing 55,000 barrels of oil in its initial efforts, but plans on more than doubling that output within the next 6 months, aiming for a 120,000 per day rate.Forecasters are particularly optimistic about Ghana as an oil producing entity, considering the relative stability the country has enjoyed when compared to other African nations of similar size. Whether such calm can be maintained amid the large influx of cash remains to be seen. A challenge for still developing nations blessed with substantial natural resources can be navigating the treacherous waters of greed and corruption. In year 1, Ghana should see close to 400 million profit from its oiling efforts, a number expected to grow to 1 billion annually, money that can either line the pockets of individuals in power or fuel national prosperity and see Ghana ascend the global ranks in terms of influence and quality of life for citizens. (more…)

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Why Mother Nature Loves Bear Markets and Bare Cupboards

30 Aug

It seems retirement stock portfolios aren’t the only things rapidly declining in the United States over the past few months. In a more uplifting turn of events, energy use in the U.S. declined almost 5 last year, good for the most significant energy reduction the country has ever seen. To put that in further perspective, though the mainstream push for “going green” is still relatively new, the government began tracking such statistics in 1949.Of course, a view held by many analysts is that this isn’t entirely good news. While the reduced levels of energy are no doubt a welcome sight for the environment, they could be interpreted as an equally disheartening look in the mirror for the national economy. After all, energy use tends to decrease alongside GDP per capita. In other words, when people have less money, they buy less, do less and use less, all across the board. It would be a nice to believe the full 5 was constituted by American’s making responsible energy decisions; however, it’s far more likely the statistic is merely a manifestation of equally reduced individual means. (more…)

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